Life Consulting

We provide both private and public sector Clients with a complete range of 1 on 1 Life Consulting Services. In addition to in-person and phone consultations, our 'Live Video' platform allows us to share "real time" advice and support globally. Our Consulting Services include a wide range of topics such as conflict resolution, diet, parenting, relationships, coping with addiction, public relations and etc.. We focus on Inspiring, Educating and Empowering our Clients with the strategies, tools and experience necessary to provide optimal solutions to suit their needs and successfully interface with the public.


Consulting Services

Live, Real Time and 1 on 1!!!


How do I Register for 'Live Video' Consultation Services?

In order to Register for this Service you must first create an Account through "Skype" and send us a contact request. Our skype name is "atlantis-school". If you do not have a Skype Account click the Skype Logo below to Register today.

Once you have Registered with Skype, you can access our 'Live Video' Consulting Services here: Life Consulting

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